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Consulting & Professional Services

Excellence in Web Publishing and Content Support
Developing and deploying new content strategy and migrating web content


A leading multinational chip maker needed to migrate their website to a robust platform capable of dynamic content delivery with a vibrant new look and feel.


Creating a meta data strategy for populating assets into the right web page based on a customizable, user-driven experience.

Assembling and managing a diverse team with experience migrating tens of thousands of assets to a new platform

Implementing a content support model to continue aggressive adoption of the new platform while simultaneously supporting daily website publishing needs.


  • Assembled a 95+ person team of project and content managers, developers, and QA for content management, taxonomy, migrating and validating content, coordinating launches and implementing site enhancements.

  • Partnered with the client to assess content and devise a meta tagging strategy for content delivery and search engine optimization.

  • Collaborated with client to modernize content and create display strategy, validated style guide adherence, and  compliance with legal guidelines.


  • Fast-tracked project and met an aggressive project timeline.

  • Dramatic decrease in time required to publish content changes resulting in reduced publishing costs.

  • Increased end-user productivity with a consistent user experience across multiple websites.

  • Developed standardized process and workflow for future site migrations.

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