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Consulting & Professional Services

Company Overview

Since 1996, InnoVest Group has been providing clients with award-winning IT Consulting and Professional Services. Our strategic approach consistently generates value-driven solutions that align with our clients’ goals, core business practices, and current IT capabilities.

InnoVest Group is headquartered in Washington, DC and has offices in Ukraine, India, and Mexico. We offer global access to talented professionals for the successful completion of our clients’ projects. We are SAM registered and ISO compliant to ensure quality standards for our clients​.

With over 75 years of IT consulting experience, our management team delivers trusted leadership in a rapidly-changing environment. By providing an end-to-end capability across the IT service lifecycle, we embody a dedication to producing superior services with measurable results.

We are fully committed to our clients and strive to be a partner in their success and business growth. That’s why our recommendations are based solely on customer applications, performance criteria, budget, and existing IT infrastructure.

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Below is an overview of our Expertise and

Solutions teams:

Our Expertise

  • More than 17 years of experience in technology consulting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Delivery with excellence and adherence to industry best practices, CMMI and ISO standards

  • Personalized client experience including custom solutions for complex IT challenges

Our Solutions

  • We empower clients to design, implement, integrate, and manage their end-to-end technology landscape

  • InnoVest Group helps clients to overcome catalysts such as the digital economy, the explosion of data, and need for security

  • We provide proven best in class solutions to manage client’s projects, while minimizing risk and cost

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