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Consulting & Professional Services

Staff Augmentation

At InnoVest Group, we thoroughly understand the landscape of a competitive tech marketplace. The demand for highly qualified candidates continues to increase, and we have developed a strong network of top IT talent with a multitude of skill sets.

We also offer clients the proven tools and processes that have made InnoVest Group a pioneer in the IT Staff Augmentation industry. Since 2001, we’ve helped Fortune 500 and mid-size clients achieve their business goals by providing high quality IT consultants.


Whether your organization needs a skilled and experienced professional for a couple of hours, months, or long-term, InnoVest Group can provide you with the flexibility and talent to match your needs. We can also assist clients in scaling up or down, maximizing resources, and leveraging their business opportunities.

We’re all about finding the right people, with the right skills, for the right job.

We bridge the IT talent demand-supply gap through an innovative, best-in-class recruiting engine, backed by a dedicated client-centric service focus. Over 85% of our clients rank us in their top 3 suppliers by performance.


Additionally, we streamline the hiring process by removing the arduous and time-consuming tasks of writing and posting job notices, evaluating a large volume of resumes, and conducting lengthy interviews. When you partner with InnoVest Group, we alleviate this burden to save you time and money.


Furthermore, our experienced staffing augmentation team handles all screening and pre-training. We therefore reduce the expenses, costs and resources spent for our clients in the employment cycle.

InnoVest Group has access to local and global Subject Matter  Experts

We offer staff augmentation, team services (T&M and SOW), and direct hire models and can help you quickly ramp up your team to meet your organizational and business objectives.

With our headquarters in Washington, DC and has offices in Ukraine, India, and Mexico and delivery throughout the U.S., InnoVest Group can provide our clients with local expertise and global access for all their staffing needs.

At InnoVest Group, we are committed to understanding every aspect of your organization and project requirements, and providing customized staffing solutions to help you meet your goals.

The benefits of working with InnoVest Group for staffing augmentation

Our expansive network of top IT talent, expert knowledge of the industry and job market, and unparalleled experience can greatly benefit the overall functioning and growth of your business.

Working with InnoVest Group means:

  • Shorter hiring timelines

  • Access to expert recruiter and advanced recruiting tools

  • Reduced staffing and training costs

  • Increased knowledge of market trends and best practices

Boost your projects with Staff Augmentation

Scale Your Team Quickly

Thanks to the professional acumen and scheduling flexibility of our engineers, scaling teams is fast and simple.

Customized Pricing Plan

Access our professional services through fixed or flexible payments (per hour, week, or month) depending on your project's timeline and requirements.

Diverse Projects

From prototyping to full-scale development, testing and systems management, InnoVest Group offers Staff Augmentation solutions for all your staffing needs.

100% Team Integration

Engineers are available to fully participate in your staff's daily processes and progress reports based on your preferences.

US, Ukraine, India and Latin America

With resources in the US, Ukraine, India and Latin America, we offer available talent across a variety of time zones.

24/7 Talent Recruitment

With round the clock vetting, our development services are always up to date with the most skilled talent in IT and software engineering.

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