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Application Development Excellence in Healthcare
Developing, Launching, and Supporting a Mission-Critical Pharmacy Application


The nation's largest provider of health care products, services, and technology needed to modernize and launch an independent pharmacy web application that was customizable for individual pharmacy websites and would provide consumers with increased online Rx capabilities


Launch a visually appealing, interactive, user-friendly web application in time to unveil at a major trade show.

Build new functionality on a platform accessible from mobile and non-mobile devices while ensuring data security and compliance with HIPAA regulations.


  • Assembled a cross-functional project team to design, develop and launch an intuitive, robust and highly-interactive web application.

  • Met an aggressive schedule allowing this featured product to be successfully launched at an annual tradeshow.

  • Developed a cross-platform solution and integrated with multiple prescription refill management services.

  • Transitioned existing customer support services to InnoVest Group’s best-in-class HDI Certified Service Center for on-going infrastructure and applications support.


  • Client increased new customer usage by  5% to more than 23,000 registered customers in less than 45 days

  • Significant impact on customer service with new self-service features – franchise pharmacies processed more than 10,000 on-line refill requests in first 45 days

  • Significant ETL data migration to port more than 600 active sites, along with their prescriptions and reminders using their existing logins/passwords with no service interruption

  • Client is now assessing the business impact of launching a “white label” solution and native mobile apps

Optimizing a Mission-Critical Application


One of the world’s largest healthcare companies was looking to enhance a critical sales application to improve Salesforce productivity.


Previous modules were poorly-designed and inhibited the addition of new functionality.

Application was getting large and complex.

Client wanted a 75% reduction in SQL code and 50% reduction in code.



  • Proposed and received approval for application re-write instead of complex enhancement.

  • Reduced each program to have a single JavaScript function for in-page calculations.

  • Re-designed reporting to permit unlimited savings of history data.

  • Removed cumbersome 3rd  party data, business object middleware and other components.


  • Reduced SQL Stored Procedures by 77%.

  • Reduced .NET code by 64%.

  • Reduced dependency and licensing costs associated with 3rd-party software components.

  • Created a less complex application that is easier to maintain.

  • Delivered results on-time and on-budget.

  • Exceeded client’s expectations and gained commitment for additional work.

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