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Consulting & Professional Services

Service Excellence in Financial Services
Increasing productivity for high-priced
Financial Advisors 


A provider of financial planning, asset management, and insurance services to individuals, businesses and institutions needed to increase their productivity.


Increase uptime/efficiency of 17,000+ Financial Advisors, managing over $280B in assets.

Ensure support across a wide range of platforms, applications and users.

Ensuring data security and compliance with tight financial regulations.


  • Provided full L1 and L2 support for Field Service Desk

  • Provided operational assessment of the current environment based on ITIL.

  • Developed a shared knowledge base to improve quality and reliability.

  • Transitioned services from customer  to InnoVest Group’s service center.

  • Provided management and support for all technology deployments.


  • 100% approval rating from Advisors on relocation of support.

  • Drove VPN call reduction program that saved more than $100K by year end 2010.

  • Satisfaction among the EAR group increased by 30%.

  • 44% reduction in spyware-related incidents in Q3 2010.

Data Management Excellence in Financial Services
Eliminating Client’s acquisition-induced data mapping headaches


Application and data integration challenges created by the merger of national and regional financial services firms.


Integrate thousands of customer records across distributed and mainframe-based platforms.

Records needed re-coding based on corporate standards.

Transparency to end-users was a must.



  • InnoVest Group assembled a team of project management, data management, and infrastructure experts.

  • InnoVest Group provided training, facilities, tools and management expertise. 

  • Process improvements were quickly identified and implemented.


  • Client was relieved of the burden of interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and managing the team.

  • Project was on-schedule and met with the tight internal deadlines of the client. 

  • Based on InnoVest Group’s quality, the contract with the client was extended. 

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