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Excellence in Staff Augmentation Management 
Reduced the Cost of Managing
Staff Augmentation


A leading global technology, software, and consulting business employing over 47,000 employees worldwide needed to unify their requisition and fulfillment process across their geographically dispersed company.


Hiring and daily management of contingency labor was too costly and required too much time.

Lacked real time visibility into assignment spend and the employment tenure of their contingent workforce.


  • InnoVest Group became the Managed Service Provider for this client.

  • Re-designed contingency workforce program around InnoVest Group’s cloud-based solution.

  • Integrated our solution into Client’s SAP systems.

  • Transitioned from multiple paper-based invoices to a consolidated, electronic invoice. 


  • The solution InnoVest Group provided is now used by more than 650 managers across North America.

  • Documented contingency labor savings in millions of dollars.

  • Reduced invoice management costs.

  • Provided real time insight into tenure, rate compliance and other KPI’s.


A leading global provider of engineering, construction, and technical services for public agencies and private sector companies was looking to streamline the hiring and management of its large workforce.


Long interviewing process due to poor candidate submittals.

Inability to efficiently convert contractors to full-time employees.

Lack of control and visibility into actual vs. contracted pay rates.

Looking for vendor-neutral solution.

cs-sa-2 2_edited.jpg


  • Utilized cloud hosted platform to manage 6 prime vendors, 9,500+ employees and  1,700+ contingent workers.

  • Developed custom metrics to ensure even competition among vendors.

  • Implemented complete requisitioning and fulfillment services.


  • Realized over one million dollars in hard dollar savings since the inception of the program.

  • Tightly integrated into existing Oracle HR system.

  • Tighter control over supplier performance.

  • Improved time-to-hire and interviewing efficiency.



IBM’s Enterprise Services group needed a professional business partner to provide exceptional 24x7 support for their mainframe console and batch processing operations at a cost-competitive price with a capacity and effectiveness similar or better to IBM’s own delivery of these services.


The mission critical nature of this group required certified Computer Operations professionals located at 5 geographically separate Centers in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions to provide support with virtually no allowance for service disruptions.


  • InnoVest Group’s project team quantified IBM’s key operational workload drivers, reviewed existing process and procedures and mapped all hardware and software tools to service over 32 commercial accounts and over 80 different systems at the various Centers.

  • InnoVest Group’s Program Management Team created an initial delivery team approach that included skill mix, capacity and a deployment schedule to meet IBM’s required service level agreements for daily system support, change management, account transition management and business continuity & recovery testing.

  • Recommended and facilitated a continuous implementation of operational improvements that enhanced the effectiveness and productivity of the Command Center Operations. 


  • Continuous incremental process improvement efforts led to a 5 to 8% per year increase in productivity and cost savings since 2015. 

  • Other special productivity initiatives led to productivity or cost savings of 10 to 15% per year.

  • IBM further engaged InnoVest Group to manage their mainframe, distributed and midrange monitoring operations at their 8 Centers located throughout the United States. 

  • Additionally, InnoVest Group has been awarded production support of IBM’s mainframe and distributed platform.

Excellence in Staff Augmentation
Reduced Costs, Improved Processes,
Higher Efficiency! 


A global manufacturing conglomerate  in the international power generation sector providing leading-edge power and energy solutions, needed to reduce costs, improve processes and eliminate administrative time related to the procurement and management of contract laborers.

Lacked the visibility into its detailed corporate spend toward the contingent workforce.



  • Leveraged our web-based solution to formalize and improve processes while implementing industry best practices. Specifically, the program implemented:

  • Electronic Services Procurement - Electronic requisition capture and approval, interview management, order management, supplier management and collaborative fulfillment.

  • Workforce Management – Web-based time and expense capture with electronic workflow approval processes, compliance and electronic receipt attachmen.

  • Systems Integration – Integrated to Client’s SAP Enterprise financial system that validates, tracks and reports all procurement and workforce management transactions against an automatically updated list of Client’s 750,000+ cost centers.

  • Delivered electronic invoice files directly to SAP installation, eliminating the need for paper invoices and streamlining the overall invoice/payment process.


  • Solution was used by 1,500 Client executives, managers, employees and contingent workforce members utilized our solution across North America

  • Client has realized multi-million dollar hard-cost savings in the area of contract labor spend due to increased efficiencies. 

  • Client’s Financial Management and Hiring Managers were able to instantly report and analyze all costs tracked to the appropriate cost centers, which supported a variety of decision making improvements.

  • Risk was mitigated regarding HR co-employment issues due to increased visibility of all contingent workers starts and scheduled completion dates.

  • Through electronic procurement process improvements, InnoVest Group was able to assist the client in rate compliance and cost management.

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