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Consulting & Professional Services

Big Data

The volume of business and mission data grows every day, and it is crucial to properly store, manage, secure, and process various types of data.


Our Big Data consultants have the business acumen and technical knowledge necessary to optimize data performance and availability, while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your organization’s valuable information.

InnoVest Group’s Consultants Focus on Strategy and Planning

Our consultants leverage strong technical backgrounds in Business Intelligence (BI), Data Science, Data Governance, and Security to provide results-driven strategies and road-mapping for big data capitalization. They are also adept in translating technology into business value by increasing revenue from the application of big data.


In addition, InnoVest Group’s experts can help clients that are entirely new to big data to build a business case to operationalize it, understand its impact on the balance sheet, and structure implementation and new initiatives. We can also facilitate seamless adjustment to changing market conditions, as competitors begin to employ big data.

InnoVest Group Governs the Deployment-to-operation Lifecycle 

InnoVest Group’s System Integrators have critical hands-on experience working with Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Mongo DB and many more. Our Big Data team also retains consultants experienced with both proprietary and open source platforms to complement your design.


In addition, these skilled and talented professionals can provide tech talent, manage large projects, and establish best practices around data management. Based on your project needs and current IT capabilities, they can augment existing in-house talent or execute an entire project team with appropriate skills for a fixed or flexible period of time.

Our Big Data Difference

Our qualified and field-proven consultants will help you leverage and optimize your data by applying the highest levels of technical and organizational knowledge to your current business processes.

InnoVest Group understands that the success of your Big Data initiatives is dependent on the skills and ability of the consultants we provide. Our expertise in Big Data resources ensures that the most qualified consultants are always presented for your projects.

Open Source

  • Cassandra

  • Cloudera

  • Hadoop

  • Hortonworks

  • Mongo DB

  • NoSQL

  • Pivotal

Vendor Specific

  • HP Vertica

  • EMC Isilon

  • IBM Watson



  • Data Governance

  • Data Analytics

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Visualization

  • Business Intelligence

  • Archiving

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