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Consulting & Professional Services

Program Management

We understand how to manage the complexities of client programs and when to let you focus on running the business.

InnoVest Group recognizes that business success is not measured by your ability to consider an idea, but rather by your ability to put it into action. That’s why we expertly assist our clients with implementing technology solutions that convert a winning strategy into a successful reality.

In fact, our team takes every measure to understand your business and create workable projects. InnoVest Group is right there with you through each step of the process including conception and initiation, project definition and planning, execution, performance monitoring, and a successful close.

Project Initiation

  • Initiate project proposal & study protocol

  • Primary meeting with clients

Project Plan

  • Design instruction manual of laboratory protocol, packaging and reporting procedures

  • Determine data reporting format & frequency of data transfer

Project Executing

  • Monitor predetermined study protocol and data format

  • Resolves problems and implement solutions

Project Report

  • Summary of results upon completion of the study

  • Interpret project results

  • Inform client of problem results and tests not performed



  • Post consultation and follow-ups as needed

More specifically, we help our clients carry out their overall priorities with the leading program management, methods, and tools to drive business transformation.

You can confidently rely on InnoVest Group to effectively execute your plans to achieve measurable results

  • Program and Budget Documentation

  • Earned Value Management

  • Program, Acquisition Planning and Support

  • Administrative and Operations Support

  • Data Analytics

  • Budget/Management Analysis

  • Change Management

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Cost Estimating and Analysis

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