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Consulting & Professional Services




  • At InnoVest Group, we have subject matter experts who create solutions to support key IT initiatives for financial services customers such as increasing customer personalization, minimizing cybersecurity risks, creating digital initiatives, and connecting consumers to your organization. We have the resources to support faster authentication and to shorten development cycles to keep up with your organization's customer expectations

  • We have the experience and expertise to connect your organization with top quality technical professionals needed for vital projects and support. Our flexible delivery model offers both national support for high volume requirements and customized support for small-scale, niche requirements

  • InnoVest Group has the technical knowledge, industry experience, and skills to help our clients stay ahead of the competition and improve operational efficiency

Our Proven Successes:

  • Enhancing customer experiences through technology and social media strategies

  • Increasing efficiencies through workforce management strategies and practices

Resources We Provide:

  • IT Planning, Application Development, Technology Support Services, Systems Integration

  • Security & Compliance, Data Warehouse

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