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Service Management Excellence in Hi-Tech
Managing network storage projects, quality assurance, and maintaining audit readiness


A large multinational technology and consulting provider was challenged with managing a backlog of technology refresh and micro-code update projects.

Quality assurance and audit preparedness were suffering due to lack of resource capacity and well-defined audit processes.


Thousands of deployed network devices were behind on patch levels and were no longer supported.

Asset and license databases were not up-to-date with current HW/SW details.

Licensing costs were not being adequately managed and controlled.


  • Mobilized a multi-disciplined team of project managers and deployment managers to address the backlog of assets requiring microcode updates or decommissioning.

  • Managed end-to-end SAN/NAS storage system projects for the client’s new strategic outsourcing engagements.

  • Quality assurance managers were engaged to assess and reconcile asset and license databases.

  • Recommended process improvement initiatives, conducted pre-audits and audit readiness evaluations for the Managed Storage Division.


  • Substantially increased the change record closure rate by more than 8x in the past 12 months reducing the risk of downtime from HW/SW failures.

  • Improved the accuracy of the asset and license databases resulting in higher quality of information and significantly reducing non-compliance.

  • Identified potential cost savings of over $600K in recurring licensing costs.

  • As a result of our teams contribution, the engagement was nominated for and won an internal quality award in 2012.

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