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Application Architecture Excellence in E-Commerce
Increasing E-commerce application performance and scalability


On-line Auto Auction client needed to stabilize development environment, extend application to external client, and reduce cost of application maintenance.


Large scale application with multiple on and offshore development teams.

Diversity in computing environments, applications and platforms.

Short timeline for delivery to external clients.


Need to enhance application without impacting core platform.


​InnoVest Group performed a detailed application and platform assessment based on best-in-class practices including:

  • Assessing the application architecture related to architectural standards compliance, maintainability, scalability and performance.

  • Identifying areas for improving the architecture for maintainability and productizing the application.

  • Recommending best practices for cost-reduction and continuous improvement in application development.


The client was presented with the following:

  • Recommendations for resolving or mitigating the 36 process and technical gaps which were identified.

  • Detailed plan for refactoring large classes and implementation of a rules engine.

  • Roadmap for developing a generic front-end to allow the application to be rapidly deployed to new clients.

  • Action plan for formalizing key governance processes within the clients environment.

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