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Consulting & Professional Services



  • InnoVest Group supports insurance clients as they undertake important digital initiatives such as fraud protection enhancement, core systems modernization, and improving customer engagement through technology offerings. Our full-service delivery, and project support model is customized to fit your specific needs

  • We offer support for high volume requirements like staffing a system conversion, or niche resources like a UX/UI developer to enhance user experience on your mobile website

  • InnoVest Group has the resources and processes to deliver scalable, customized solutions to insurance clients that improve flexibility within core systems and claims services and drive user experience for client customers

Our Proven Successes:

  • Better security for your internal networks through defined mobility policies

  • Developing real-time business intelligence for critical decision making

  • More effective compliance and governance models to deliver IT projects with minimal risk

  • Improved flexibility within your core systems and claims services

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