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Consulting & Professional Services

Cloud & Infrastructure Consulting

Cloud Consulting That Delivers The Business Improvements Your Business Needs

Although adopting cloud solutions may seem intimidating, it is important to understand that the cloud is just a flexible, innovative service delivery mechanism. IInnoVest Group’s cloud consulting team helps you create and implement the cloud strategy that is right for you. We target and achieve the business improvements that our clients require.

Our cloud IT consulting services help

you in four areas:

With extensive skill in understanding the digital economy, InnoVest Group is strategically positioned to help clients deliver better products, services and business processes through digitization. Examples of our client assignments include:

Discovery & Application Analysis

We work with clients to assess business requirements and to plan migrations of applications and data to the cloud. During this process, we might uncover additional opportunities for infrastructure optimization.

Cloud & Technology Strategy

We help clients consider the best mix of virtualization and provide recommendations to transition and transform onto cloud-enabled platforms.

Cloud Migration Consulting

We help clients plan and execute successful transitions to the right virtual or physical environment to help you develop applications faster.

Data Center


We help clients relocate critical technology assets to new data center environments while staying operational, a process which can have pitfalls if not done correctly.

InnoVest Group Cloud consulting expertise

Customer Experience

Investigative evaluations

  • Cloud value assessment

  • Cloud TCO assessment

  • Compliance and regulatory implications assessment

  • Security and data sovereignty implications assessment

  • Availability and BCP implications assessment

  • Enterprise adaptation needs assessment

  • Operating model adaptation assessment

Cloud strategy

  • Information and workloads classification strategy

  • Migration assessment: current vs. asset light vs. virtualized vs. cloud

  • Migration strategy

  • Governance strategy

  • Compliance strategy

  • Converged cloud strategy

  • Ecosystem leveraging strategy

  • Cloud internalization strategy: consumption, administration, and governance

  • IT strategy reengineering for cloud inclusion

  • Cloud exit strategy

Solution and technology consulting

  • Service provider decisions

  • Platform and technology decisions

  • Frameworks, building blocks, and appliances

  • Enterprise integration decisions: data, identity, and systems

  • Compliance and security consulting

  • Capacity planning and sizing

  • Solution architecture

  • HA, DR and BCP solutions

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