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Consulting & Professional Services

Service Excellence in Higher Education
Raising the bar on service operations


A large, private Midwest university with a reputation as a leading research institution wanted to improve service operations.


Deteriorating support and service from prior service providers.

Poor reputation for help desk, IT support services.

Excessive cost of support.


  • Transformed support model to an HDI certified ITIL compliant best practices showcase.

  • Provided integrated L1 and L2 support in a shared service model.

  • Implemented new technologies to reduce call volume and improve analytics.

  • Provided multiple paths for support.

  • Co-location of InnoVest team in WV.


  • Implemented service in 8 weeks from signed agreement to fielding calls.

  • 94% of service desk customers recommend the service to their peers.

  • Seamlessly addressed call volume fluctuations.

  • Call volume increased by 50% due to glowing word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • Increased scope of services provided to include application monitoring.

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