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Data & Analytics

Leverage Data and Analytics to Improve Operations and Accelerate Growth

Enterprises generate more data than ever before. They face challenges managing, integrating, and securing such a large volume and variety of data, and can’t leverage it effectively to their advantage. There is a shortage of data science and analytical skills required to overcome these challenges.

We can help

Our experienced Data Analytics consultants help our clients get the most value from their data. They work together with business and IT teams to help uncover needs and develop plans and strategies to increase the value of their data.


We apply best practices, tools, and technologies to improve the way our client’s manage and govern their data inside and outside the enterprise. Furthermore, by leveraging Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Advanced Analytics technologies, InnoVest Group help our clients gain actionable insights from their data that enable more informed decisions, accelerate performance, and transform the business.



Use next-gen analytics to power a data-driven organization

Business Intelligence

Enable data driven decision-making for better outcomes

Enterprise Data Management

Improve operational efficiency and reduce reporting mistakes


Create data mapping framework which includes policies, practices and procedures to manage the big data life cycle of an enterprise

Big Data

Harness big data analytics to drive better business decisions

Informed Intelligence

Apply decision science to resolve your business issues

Data Visualization

Use advanced data visualization for better insights as compared to traditional enterprise reporting

Center of Excellence (COE)

Build a data analytics foundation for the long term

Our Data Analytics consultants are passionate about working with data, and using data to help the business learn and improve. In fact, they have assisted many large enterprises across multiple industries—including financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and others—with their large and complex data and analytics projects. We assist in such diverse domains as risk management, customer relationship management, fraud detection, product development, marketing research, supply chain, and price optimization.

Our Data and Analytics Services

Our experienced consultants assist companies through a range of services including:

  • Data Integration

  • Data Warehouse / ETL

  • Master Data Management

  • Data Governance and Quality Management

  • Metadata Management

  • Solution Maintenance and Support

  • Managed Services

Data Warehouse and Data Management Services

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Services

  • BI and Analytics Assessments

  • Roadmaps

  • Proof of Concepts

  • Design and Architecture

  • Report and Dashboard Development and Customization

  • Custom BI and Analytics Solutions

  • Reporting Automation

  • Solution Maintenance and Support

  • Managed Services

Data Analytics Strategy and Planning Services

  • Data Analytics Assessments

  • Roadmap Creation

  • Data Analytics Strategy

  • Design and Architecture

  • Solution Selection and Evaluation

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